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Our Programs

CATCH offers evaluations, training and community collaboration to provide support for individuals with disabilities.

Assistive Technologies for Computer Access

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Finding the Perfect Solution

Whether it is using a computer, phone, tablet, environmental control system or communication device, access to these devices sometimes can be challenging if an individual has fine motor difficulties.  The staff at CATCH can assist you or your loved one figure out a system that helps you gain access to the technology that improves your quality of life.

Speech Therapy and AAC


Communication - Our Connection

CATCH has highly qualified speech pathologists on staff to work with individuals of all ages, young children to adults.  These SLP's can treat many types of communication and language difficulties.  They also can evaluate for augmentative communication devices and train individuals in the use of such devices.

Assistive Technology for Learning Disabilities

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Leveling the Playing Field

Reading, writing and organization can be a challenge for many people.  Assistive technology can level the playing field and allow individuals to progress up to their ability.  CATCH has many AT interventions and solutions to help individuals perform and succeed in all areas of their lives.

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