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CATCH  provides one-to-one training for individuals or group training for staff professional development.

Comprehensive product training for individuals receiving equipment  is imperative to reduce chances of AT abandonment. 

Being mindful that the success of an AT intervention is affected by the knowledge and support of family and team members, training for families is highly encouraged.

Individual and group training is also available for staff or professionals on a variety of devices and software.  These can be short hourly or longer half or full day trainings.

Trainings are held at the CATCH office.

Assistive Technology for Special Education
Implementing Assistive Technology in the Classroom
Implementing Augmentative Communication in the Classroom
Assistive Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities
Assistive Technology for Students with Physical Disabilities
Assistive Technology for Reading
Assistive Technology for Writing
Assistive Technology for Computer Access

Make it Take It Sessions:
Switch and battery interrupter workshop
Computer Switch Interface and finding free switch activated software
Low Tech Communication Boards 
Making Adapted Books

Various specific AAC Device trainings 
Access Methods for Augmentative Communication

Getting Started with AAC

Get your Core Vocabulary Steps In

Please see Calendar for upcoming trainings and events.

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